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A Visa Card So Good, It's Dangerously Close to Fabulous

A Lake County Educational FCU VISA Credit Card provides you with no annual fee, rates as low as 9.80% APR*, a generous credit limit, and no fees for balance transfers.

  • No Annual Fee
  • No Balance Transfer Fees
  • No Rate Increase for Cash Advances
  • Online and Mobile Account Access
  • Generous Credit Limits
  • ScoreCard Rewards

Start Off on the Right Foot

If you haven’t established a credit score, or your credit score is a little bruised, we have the perfect solution—our VISA Share Secured Card. When you deposit money equal to your credit limit into your Lake County Educational FCU Share account, that money is placed on hold while your card account is open.

Use the card as if it were a regular, unsecured credit card. By making on-time payments every month, you’ll establish a positive credit history and demonstrate the ability to repay in a timely manner, which will help build up your overall credit score.

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